You’ve made the big decision to go to the Grand Canyon, one of the most dazzling parks with amazingly mesmerizing desert views. Now what to bring? Here is a list of things to pack for a trip to the Grand Canyon:

  • Refillable Water Bottles or Hydration System

If you bring nothing else, bring water. The trails are long and although it does have a number of water filling stations, they do not sell disposable water bottles. Getting a backpack with a hydration system is a easy way to make sure you have water and it stays clean and accessible.

If you plan on camping we highly recommend you bring along a large water jug that can be loaded in your vehicle so that you have water anywhere you go. Not all the campsites have water and if you end up in one of those you will still have water for drinking, cooking and your morning coffee. Many campsites do have water and you can refill your jug if it runs out. It’s just a smart way to make sure you don’t end up in trouble.

  • Both Warm and Cold Clothing

The Arizona desert temperatures can fluctuate 30-40 degrees in one day so it is smart to pack for whatever the weather might throw at you. When the sun sets the cooler weather moves in, although it may be scorching hot during the day. If you plan to do any water sports, such as water rafting on the Colorado River, be sure to bring a pair of sturdy water shoes. Some other clothing suggestions areĀ sun hats, light layers, top layers, a rainĀ jacket, and hiking shoes. And sunglasses of course!

  • Binoculars

There are so many reasons to bring binoculars to the grand canyon. The view is absolutely stunning, but if you can spot the condors, get an up-close look of the faraway rock formations, as well as animal and plant life, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience.

  • Sun Screen and Bug Spray

It seems obvious but, if I told you how many times I’ve forgot to grab the sunscreen you’d wonder why I’m writing this! Nothing ruins the day like coming home burnt and bitten! Spray bug spray on your shoes and pants as well as bare skin to prevent the critters from getting in where they’re not invited! If you’re flying in remember most airlines only allow 3 oz of liquid in a carry on. SunBum has a variety of sizes and strengths.

  • A Star Chart or App

You’ll find some of the darkest skies in the Grand Canyon and if you plan of camping overnight you can use the app or chart to find formations you may have never seen before!

  • Emergency Kit

Although you may be trying to pack as compact as possible, it’s important to remember that many areas of the canyon have no cell phone service or internet, so depending on where your adventures are taking you, you will want to be prepared with a headlight and a emergency survival pack. This should include a whistle, compass, fire-starter ect.

  • Download Hiking Apps and Resources

The park has a cellphone tour contact you can add to your contact list, it’s 928-225-2907. When you get to the park look for “Park Ranger Audio Tour” signs. Call the number above and enter the stop number and it will give you a free narration on the geology and history of the area.


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